Musings early Saturday at the end of a long week    10/15/2016 0329

It somehow has been a really hard week to go thru for me.  I imagine it was harder for those in the Trump campaign. There is so many policy issues we need to b and ahold be focused on right now, but distractions are coming right and left.

I hate to call allegations of sexual harassment or abuse distractions, but to me that is what they appear. Maybe they are all true (which I completely doubt), but why are they just coming up now. My Sister, the undecided and non-committed voter believes them. She doesn’t want her President to be a poor role model for her son. She’s convinced that Trump displays are bullying and vulgar.  Of course, Hillary for her is just as offensive. Sister is in a conundrum which maybe other voters find themselves in. She doesn’t want either of these people to represent her and she is judging on personalities.

I’ve been all in for Trump since the beginning.  I have an advantage. I am not a TV person, so I did not know his celebrity/reality show personality. I liked what he said about taking America back and getting trade deals reworked immediately. I was looking at issues and not personality.  I admit that a dominant, alpha male was a pleasant and welcome change from Obama and the beta males offered by the Republican Party. I could not see myself supporting a Jeb Bush or Ben Carson for President as I did want someone who represented America with strength.

So, I guess in a sense, I too am a victim of personality but I have gone far beyond that. I do not live by sound bites I hear on MSM. I watch no TV news unless there is some huge disaster coverage, like hurricane Matthew or a wildfire here in SoCal, and then I limit to local news selected by quality.

Let me go off on a rant for just a moment: Journalism  has changed markedly. It is not what it used to be and this is not just the mumbling if the older generation who are out of touch. Journalists are to tell Who, What, When, Where, and How in the first paragraph or first minutes of their story. Objectivity is built in to these basics. Truth is supposed to be told. Slant of one side or another is not obvious or actual. Opinion occurs in the editorial portion of the newscast or writings and is labeled as such.  Nowadays you cannot tell what is fact from opinion in the news and a lot of people get their new from ” opinion” shows like Rachel Maddow or Sean Hannity. These are not newscasts. Bill o’Reilly is spouting opinion as is Don Lemmon or Anderson Cooper. Shepherd Smith may pretend to be delivering news, but he gives opinions throughout.  The sad part to me is people take these bits and pieces they hear, they believe them as facts and they hold on to them, no matter which side of the political divide they are on. Many never delve into things on their own, READ anything to back up what they’ve heard, or question the reality and authenticity.

I probably spend entirely too much time checking out news items–thank goodness I don’t watch any TV news or otherwise. I get information today from multiple sources. My typical day starts very early so I have time to do this.  I have my favorite and trusted websites that I go to first thing when I wake up. The Conservative Treehouse is my go-to place to open my eyes with early on. I enjoy the company of my fellow Treepers. Since they are mostly on Eastern time, I can see what’s happening while I’ve been asleep. I get news, information and opinions and I know that is what they offer.

If breaking news, or a hot ticket item that I want to pursue, I often look at Drudge to see if he is covering it.  Drudge just aggregates news stories and headlines them according to his opinions and whims. He obviously has a political slant or bias and as long as the person utilizing his services is aware of that, his website is very useful. He often shows a good snapshot of what America is talking about at the moment, as many people view Drudge.

If story is a local news item for example: Trump supporter beaten at San Jose Rally; I will first go to the local San Jose news for coverage. Often, I can get the best idea of what  is going on by looking at local newspaper, Twitter feeds and TV news. Then, I like to look at how the story is being portrayed by the National media, if it has been picked-up.  I start to see how the opinion filtration has happened.  The story goes from Trump supporter viciously beaten for no reason to its Trumps fault for the violence which occurs outside of his rallies.  Then a little more research and I discover that the anti-Trump forces were brought in and possibly paid for by a Soros backed group. The MSM is never going to report this.  So back to people like my Sister, she sees Trump as someone who has instigated violence in his crowds by being a bully, a racist and mean because this is what she heard on CNN or FOX. Is she wrong?  In my opinion, of course! But trying to undo her belief is very difficult because she’s been indoctrinated by the TV newscasts.

The Wikileaks Podesta emails 1-7 should help convince willing people that HRC is not fit to be President. She is corrupt and evil. Most, however, won’t read the nice condensed versions all compiled for them like I have on Twitter. My husband I think speaks for many which is maybe why I was distressed this morning:

           I don’t care about the emails and what Hillary has done. We know Bill is horrible and          that Hillary is corrupt, I want to hear about Trump and his Women. These women are his problem. I didn’t know he was such a gonif. 

Aside from my Sister whom I love dearly and a Husband who is politically my opposite, life should be good this morning. More information to go thru in email #7, I just did not have time yesterday to get it done.  I’ve got my Trump license plate holders on the car and a decal on the window. Have to go to “the hood” this morning for a meeting. Funny, I actually feel safer there than in my white bread liberal enclave city I call home. More Hillary signs here .  Trump signs to come I have a feeling. I’m going to go get more in Pasadena today if they have some.